Free Nintendo Wii and more – 7 tips for saving money on your mobile

Free Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 or £300 cashback – sounds ideal for Christmas, right?  By switching your mobile contract or leaving PAYG behind for pay monthly you could benefit from one of loads of free gift offers that the phone retailers are falling over themseves to offer you.

Free Games Console Offers

Free Gift Tariff Phone Buy Now
£300 Auto Cashback £45 (18 months) Nokia 6300
Free Playstation3 80GB £30 (24 months) Samsung E250
Free Playstation3 80GB £35 (18 months) Sony Ericsson T303
Free 19 inch JVC LCD TV £35 (18 months) Sony Ericsson W580i
Free iPod Touch 16GB £30 (18 months) Sony Ericsson T303
Free Nintendo Wii £35 (18 months) Nokia Slide 6500
Free Xbox 360 Arcade £25 (18 months) Samsung J700

Last updated December 2 2008

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Compare the cheapest SIM Only deals

SIM Only deals are now as cheap as £10 a month,  can save you £10 per month compared to the equivalent ‘with phone’ tariff and some even include unlimited texts!

Check out our table that compares the cheapest SIM Only mobile phone deals in the UK.

3’s ‘Facebook’ phone makes social networking truly mobile

INQ1 Facebook-phone

INQ1 Facebook-phone

This morning I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch event for 3’s latest exclusive phone – the INQ1. The so called ‘Facebook phone’ has finally broken cover.

The build up to the official unveiling described how INQ, a new entrant to the cut-throat world of mobile phone manufacturers and platform developers, feel that the majority of phone users are neglected.  They believe that the Nokias and Samsungs of this world are so focused on bringing out expensive, highly specified camera phones and music phones that they neglect the 80-90% of customers who can’t afford or simply aren’t interested in one of the all singing, all dancing ‘super’ phones, like the iPhone or the Nokia N96.  Apparently, most of us are more interested in using our phone to communicate with our friends and family in any way we choose… and I agree.

This is where INQ and 3 see a huge opportunity to change things for the better.  Enter the INQ1…

Read my verdict at the new location for this blog here…

Win a Nintendo Wii! Gadget Stylist’s Christmas Phone Review Competition

Review your mobile phone and you could win a Nintendo Wii!

We’ve launched another one of our popular Review Competitions. Because it’s Christmas we’ve been feeling all festive and generous so we’re offering our biggest prize yet – a Nintendo Wii!

The perfect antidote to endless, boring games of Trivial Pursuit on Christmas Day; the Nintendo Wii is the first games console that even your Granny can play.

All you need to do is leave the best mobile phone or mobile broadband review by the 15th of December.

How do I enter?

It’s easy.  All you have to do is:

  1. Register or Login to
  2. Use the Quick Finder on the Home page to find your mobile phone or mobile broadband modem or click on the image of your current phone in the Welcome box.
  3. Click on the Rate this Phone button on the phone’s Profile page.
  4. Write a great review!

The winning review will be honest, entertaining and opinionated.  Let everyone know what you love and loathe about your mobile.

You only need to write a couple of paragraphs – see the previous winning entries below. All reviews are welcome, whether you love or hate your phone.

Some previous winning reviews:

Cher1981 won an iPod Shuffle with her Samsung L770 review

civicboy40 won £50 in Amazon vouchers with his Sony Ericsson P1i review

forcefed_vw won a Sony Ericsson K850i for his Sony Ericsson M600 review

More advice:

Read What Mobile founder Simon Rockman’s tips for writing a great mobile phone review.

What are my chances of winning?

Forget the lottery – you’re only competing against the other people leaving reviews in November and December so your chances of winning are really high. So get reviewing now! It only takes 10 minutes to register and submit your review.

Don’t be shy – you can review more than one phone.  Perhaps you have a work phone and a personal phone or maybe you recently changed phones and fancy reviewing both  – just don’t make stuff up or copy other people’s reviews from other sites as you’ll be disqualified and publically shamed if caught!

Terms and Conditions apply

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Does Google’s entry into handset territory signal a brave new world?

Below is a copy of the Guest Blog I wrote for Mobile magazine .


Does Google’s entry into handset territory signal a brave new world?

The launch of the T-Mobile G1 phone heralds Google’s entry into the handset market. Up until now the internet giant has been happy to squeeze the mobile versions of its services into phones via partnerships with operators and manufacturers, but the launch of Android is a large and aggressive step in a brand new direction. Why does Google want to enter the crowded mobile operating system and handset market?

Android isn’t about making Google cash by selling phones or software. The open source-based approach to developing Android and the way Google is positioning its involvement in the launch of the G1 makes this clear. Despite driving the development of Android, the device only features a low-key ‘with Google’ logo on the back. The company seems keen to make it clear that it only provides the embedded Google applications, leaving credit for the rest of the Android platform to the Open Handset Alliance, which now includes several operators, software companies and manufacturers.

Google’s Android strategy seems to be built upon entirely different commercial objectives to those that drove Apple to launch the iPhone. Apple is a box shifter. They sell user-centric, cool gadgets and software, designed to live up to a set of brand values. Any additional revenues from content services, such as iTunes or the iPhone App store, are simply a bonus.

One key reason for launching the iPhone was to protect Apple’s huge share of the MP3 player market from the advance of the converged mobile phone. Apple also hopes that droves of iPhone users will ditch their Windows-based PCs and become overnight Mac fans, thus boosting its share of the consumer computer market. So far it seems to be working.

Ad money
Google’s main source of revenue is advertising. It helps companies connect with potential online customers via simple context-sensitive adverts that are integrated into its broad and growing array of services – such as its search engine, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube. We have all noticed the ‘ads by Google’ boxes built into our favourite blogs or the ‘sponsored links’ that appear whenever we search for something at or open an email in Gmail. As a user we get free, accessible and easy-to-use applications in return for accepting exposure to Google’s context-sensitive advertising.

Free, accessible and easy-to-use services, though not something the mobile industry falls over itself to provide, makes for happy users. This simple formula has helped Google become the top brand in the UK according to a recent Superbrands survey. Consumers trust Google more than any phone operator, phone manufacturer and even the BBC.

Given Google’s modus operandi it seems reasonable to assume that it sees huge potential for mobile advertising and, through Android, is laying the groundwork to secure a big piece of the pie. In the meantime, the big operators are standing outside the pie shop peering in through the window with one eye shut.

How big a slice can Google secure? As a point of reference, 90% of all the UK’s internet search traffic goes through Google. This means it is the gatekeepers of the UK’s online high street, with all businesses reliant on Google’s search ranking and its supplementary advertising solutions. Also, Google’s revenues are not shared with the ISPs that carry its traffic. You can create quite a cushy business model if you dominate the market and write all the rules. Mobile operators be warned.

Android is a very long way from becoming a significant player in the handset market, but the seeds have been sown and Google is setting up camp in mobile for the long haul. It’s a huge vote of confidence in mobile advertising as a viable revenue stream, but is mobile operator ambivalence going to hand Google a second monopoly at the detriment of its bottom line and consumer choice?

Chris Frost is the founder of

Gadget Stylist rants again – (disguised as David Cameron)

Not confined to ranting on this blog, I’ve written a guest blog for Mobile Today.  In the article I talk about Google’s reasons for launching the Android platform on which the T-Mobile G1 Android google phone is based, and what it could mean for us all.

Give it a read and let me know your thoughts by commenting here!

Read my guest blog

Oh, and please forgive the awful old photo on there (from my uSwitch days).  I don’t look like a bad David Cameron impersonator in real life – I hope!

Samsung Pixon only for Phones4U?

Samsung Pixon M8800

Samsung Pixon M8800

According to Mobile News the new 8 megapixel Samsung Pixon has launched exclusively with Phones4U, backed by a £4.5million campaign.  The first adverts will be shown in the ad breaks for X Factor on ITV this Saturday.

Now it seems odd to me that Samsung would spend £4.5 million on advertising for a phone available in only one retailer, especially a high spec, expensive phone like the Pixon. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see this quickly appear in other retailers and operators stores.

The reason for the speculation is probably related to Carphone Warehouse’s exclusive with the i8510 although that phone was supported by £4.5m worth of adverts.

Got your hands on a Samsung Pixon or i8510?  Why not review them at Gadget Stylist?